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Monitoring and Evaluation Services retention, leads, and sales. We focus on the bigger picture. Research, Data Collection, Proposal Writing, Data Analysis, Report Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation Services. We focus on innovation and quality.

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Our Monitoring and Evaluation Services are purposeful and result oriented with an aim to achieve the highest degree of customers’ satisfaction.

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MEAL, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning. Get all services by MER services

Research and Data Analysis

Designing of research studies, conduct of evidence-based research on Social Issues. Research data analysis using SPSS, data presentation, data description for students, non-profits and for-profit organizations.

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We are having a certified digital marketing team to provide digital marketing services for small, medium or corporate business.

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessments

Understanding the success of any projects or program requires strong Key Performance Indicators & an effective way to monitor, track and evaluate them.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Identification of Performance hindering Issues and applying learnings/corrective actions at right time is a key to Project Success.

Manage and Implement Result Driven Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide services by using approaches like Result Oriented, Constructivist and Reflexive as per the customers’ needs.

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“Monitoring and evaluation services provided by MER services are awesome and resultful. They are 100% committed team professionals.”

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Improve Customer Retention and Sales.

Planning, Project Management etc.

Strategic Monitoring & Evaluation

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  • Research Data Analysis using SPSS (for students)
  • Data Collection, Data Entry and Data Analysis
  • Conduct of Research Studies
  • Proposal Writing
  • Project Monitoring
  • M & E Tool designing
  • Conduct of Surveys
  • Baselines
  • Program/Project Evaluations
  • Trainings (SPSS, M & E, Data Analysis, Project
  • Planning, Project Management etc.
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What’s the monitoring program?2021-02-01T15:40:53+00:00

The monitoring program is just one of 3 phases of the forest planning cycle, including revision, plan development, or assessment, and monitoring. The monitoring plan is proposed within the forest plan, implemented during the life of the forest plan, as well as informs the subsequent forest assessment. Monitoring will help us figure out whether a difference to the forest plan might be required to improve forest management. The monitoring plan features a set of monitoring questions and associated indicators.

How to Create a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan2021-02-01T15:45:56+00:00

So what’s checking and evaluation? As the title implies, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is actually monitoring followed by evaluation. M&E involves collecting data, monitoring key signs of an application, and evaluating whether it’s met the goals of its.

M&E is not possible without a monitoring and evaluation program. This’s a document which contains the goals of the activities as well as the system created to attain them.

What Is Monitoring?2021-02-01T15:59:44+00:00

What is Monitoring ?
The answer is:- To put it simply, monitoring is actually a continuing practice of collecting and analyzing data to check out a program’s efficiency. This particular information is utilized to plan, monitor and boost programs.

For instance, an application providing healthy meals to school kids to minimize prevalence of anemia may do month monitoring checks on a number of factors:

Number of kids fed (to make certain that targets are met)
When kids are actually falling sick (to look for quality of food)
Amount of individuals of the field (to find out if there’s ample manpower to operate the system efficiently)
Number of parents offering food that is nutritious to the kids of theirs (to see if the system has led to outcome that is good, for example behavior change)
Tests for anemia (to look for effectiveness of the program)

What Is Evaluation?2021-02-01T16:02:29+00:00

What Is Evaluation? Evaluation is the process to check whether a program has met its objectives. There are several key features of evaluation:
Regular Data Collection
Robust Methodology
Control Group

What is the difference between monitoring and evaluation?2021-02-01T16:06:00+00:00

Monitoring is a routine process of documenting program activities, usually for the purpose of ensuring
that programs are doing what they intended to do. Data collected usually indicates that something was
done or not done, how much was done, and who was involved.

Evaluation uses a variety of data to make judgments about the quality of the program. Sometimes, this
includes whether the program was effective in producing the intended outcomes (this is called impact
evaluation). Evaluation data goes beyond “what” and “how much” questions to ask why and how the
program worked.

Monitoring and evaluation work together in that evaluations often rely on data collected as part of
monitoring, monitoring results may inspire evaluation questions, and evaluation findings may result in
new categories of information to monitor.

What kind of data could we collect to evaluate the quality of our program2021-02-01T16:08:25+00:00

In order to get a full picture of any program, evaluators look at factors along the full continuum of the
program’s logic model, including inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes.

What is the difference between outputs, short-term outcomes, and longterm outcomes?2021-02-01T16:11:00+00:00

Program evaluation may measure different aspects of what happens as a result of a program:
– Outputs – measures of what the program did
– Short-term outcomes – what happens to participants right after the program
– Long-term outcomes – what happens to participants over the course of months or years

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